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Let's Close!



Our History

United Title Agencies has been servicing the community since 1983. We are a 2nd generation family owned and operated title insurance company. Having processed thousands of residential and commercial closings during our 37 years of servicing the public, we feel that our company has the extra insight required to provide our clients extraordinary service. We simultaneously serve the real estate and mortgage industries in a courteous and professional manner.

It is our belief that your title company needs to go the extra mile: therefor, our closings are styled to fit our customer’s needs. We strive to close at your convenience. In our offices, your office, home or other designated place on a timely basis. Day, night, or weekends.

Since we specialize in FHA/VA, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Commercial Transactions, and Reverse Mortgage closings, our closers receive extra training in how to patiently explain closing documents in “Plain English” terms and allow as much time for any questions or clarifications as necessary.

Our goal is to provide a pleasant, neutral atmosphere where sellers, buyer/borrowers, realtors, lenders, and loan officers can meet to have a professionally processed closing.

Through our retained attorneys, affiliated vendor associations and a multi-licensed personnel, we are pleased to provide buyers, sellers, brokers and lenders a complete assistance program concerning their closing and title insurance needs regarding real estate related transactions in our licensed states from the United States, Canada, Asia, Europe and South America.





(One of the key components for everything in life is communication. Clearly reflected the importance and need in today’s society with social media, text, phone, tv, etc.,. Having closed thousands of transactions we understand the value of providing up to date information and answering questions in a timely manner. A Real Estate closing can be very confusing and overwhelming. With many moving parts and multiple parties involved we are the central hub to connect everyone and everything together.


(To be successful in any endeavor, you have to have a drive and take the appropriate actions. Although each transaction is different we have the knowledge to foresee possible pitfalls and strive to be proactive to quickly eliminate them for an expedited closing.)


(As with anything in life it all comes down to attitude. The slightest change from negative to positive makes all the difference to the outcome or situation. We know the importance of having the right mindset from start to finish and beyond. We instill a friendly and positive experience with all parties.)


( A real estate transaction is one of the most if not the most important financial investment of one’s life. Not only do we produce a professional atmosphere and experience, we surround ourselves with professionals assuring you your deal will get closed.)


( Being the central hub for all parties involved we gather highly sensitive information. It’s our fiduciary responsibility and we value the importance of safeguarding confidential and sensitive information, making it a top priority.)


( We believe in order to grow whether personally, spiritually or in business you must have an open mind. We encourage new ideas both for problem solving and company improvement. Not only does this allows us to find solutions to difficult roadblocks that might prevent a deal from closing. It also assist in finding the best possible way to provide a positive & streamlined transaction.)


( Knowledge is power and is essential for our youth and the future of mankind. We take pride in always expanding our education by keeping up to date with the ever constant changing industry. We take pride in sharing our knowledge with you by giving you a clear understanding of the closing process.)


( Great things are accomplished when you have someone on your side helping you. Task and projects are done in a more expedited and efficient manner. We take the same approach and assemble the best team or teams possible to facilitate an awesome closing experience.)